Four main lessons from Quaker Yearly Meeting Gathering at Warwick

Bath Quaker Meeting

Beverley Goddard writes:

I had been at the Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) at Warwick University for a few days before I received an email from The Editor asking if I could report back to Bath Local Meeting on my thoughts and experiences at YMG. Not usually lost for words, I was daunted by this simple request: how could I describe everything I was learning and feeling for other people to read?

As the week went on, and especially after I’d returned home and had time to reflect, I realised there were four main things that I had taken away from my exciting, challenging, and exhausting week at YMG:

There’s a big Quaker world out there:  there were 1,400 Quakers at YMG this year, and I felt a real sense of being part of a much bigger Quaker community beyond local and area meeting. This was both through the warm…

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One thought on “Four main lessons from Quaker Yearly Meeting Gathering at Warwick

  1. Thank you for sending your thoughts, Beverley. I feel that it is most important to remember that The Religious Society of Friends was/is a Christian foundation. You didn’t tell us how much further along your spiritual journey the event took you, and how much closer it brought you to God. Was there any study of the Bible or other spiritual books? Did the event help you to feel part of the whole UK and worldwide Church? Also, you seem to suggest that it would be only fear that would prevent someone becoming an activist. Might someone not feel that it wasn’t right for them, that God was not calling them to that kind of thing? Might it not also depend on what particular issue was at stake? Thank you again for sharing Beverley and I hope you will find my thoughts helpful.

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