The musings of a post-Postliberal Quaker theologian. My main interests are within the realm of public and political theology. In this Blog I explore everything from films and culture to current events (attempting to draw lessons for religious literacy and theological learning).

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Please give us the name of the author of this splendid essay, “Reflections on Liberal Quakerism and the Need for Roots.” Thanks, Bill and Songok Thornton in Korea.

      1. Dear Mr. Wood,

        Thanks, Ben.. My wife Songok needed your real name in order to properly
        cite your article in a talk she’ll be giving next month at a Ham Association
        meeting in Seoul. (The Ham Assn. is devoted to the thought and legacy
        of Ham Seok-heon, the father of Korean Quakerism). Her topic is the
        political ramifications of spiritual anarchy. You’re helping her figure this
        out, but more importantly you’re helping us bridge the gap between our
        liberal inclinations and our Quaker faith. We want to read everything you
        write. Best, Bill and Songok

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